Annual Sports Day

Eyes on the finishing line, the resident home's mentally challenged students were energetic and took part in sports events, be it track races or short put.

Festive Spirit of Christmas

Season of jolly, Sanjan Home was decorated with heart balloons, lit up with chandeliers and residents dolled up in red. Dance and music to tap their feet with a games night to fill the room with laughter and, of course, good food to end the wintery night!

Sunshine and Gardening

Growing homegrown veggies and fruits while learning the process of how a seed is sown and the amount of nourishment it requires.

Cleanliness Drive

Taking care of your surroundings should be one's utmost priority, and Sanjan Home took the initiative to clean the littered shore so that citizens can enjoy the blue sea.

Embracing Health through Yoga workshop

Keeping the resident's health on focus, yoga is part of the vocational training at Sanjan Home, teaches them to be fit and flexible.

Celebration of Indian pride

Remembering the unspoken sacrifices made by the brave fighters, Sanjan Home hoists the Indian flag and salutes it while singing the national anthem with pride.

Fun times in the Kitchen

Learning one of the most important life skills, the differently-abled enjoyed a day ding kitchen work, from kneading dough to chopping veggies and greens.

Creativity Artwork Activities

Coming together at Sanjan Home, the residents enjoyed a fun day with colours by doing Diya painting, needlework, and making envelopes.