“We all have the ability. The difference is how we use it.” --- Stevie Wonder

Inspired by parents of different Abled Children/Adults studying in Dilkhush Special School, a group of professionals came together in 1999 to set up Sanjan Home to work with grassroots initiatives to effect positive changes in the lives of the differently-abled, their families and communities.


• Future of the mentally challenged adults once their parents are no longer in this world.

• Lack of awareness in society results in the poor understanding of the needs of the differently-abled, and they're treated as a burden by many

• No guidance and helplessness at every stage of life

• A struggle to cope with the basic skills of everyday life .

Working Model

1) A professionally run resident home with a secure and stable environment, Sanjan Home engages in various learning programs to add to the spirits of the differently-abled adults, like:

• Vocational skills

• Painting

• Yoga

• Physiotherapy

• Gardening

• Devotional music

2) An adobe of hope and selfless service coupled with divine grace, Sanjan Home also runs as a Day Care Centre for the mentally challenged students who reside in and around the Sanjan village. The resident home provides them vocational guidance to inculcate noble virtues of love, care, tolerance, discipline and teamwork.