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We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as “Dilkhush Welfare Society” a registered trust established in the year 1999 by parents of different Abled Children/Adults who were studying in Dilkhush Special School undergoing Vocational Training, located at the Juhu Church Road, Juhu Mumbai.

One of the main concern of the parents is the future of the mentally challenged adults after they are no longer in this world. Unfortunately there is not much awareness in society about the problems faced by them. Their needs are poorly understood and they become a burden to the families after the demise of their parents. The Differently Abled are unable to distinguish between the right and wrong and can be manipulated.

The Parents of the weaker segment of society have no guidance, helplessness comes from lack of awareness, understanding is poor so the adults are written off as being useless as some o them are even struggling to cope with their basic skills.

In view of all these factors the Dilkhush Welfare Society, Comprising of elected members who are dedicated performers, enthusiastic progressive parents for the benefit o all, guardians and volunteers of impeccable social standing, put in stupendous efforts in staging social events, gathering donation from corporate House and well wishers.

All this was taken to implement their dream of building the Sanjan Residential Home, a destination for these adults who have outlived their parents/Guardians.

The Sanjan Home is located on beautiful 3 acre property in Sanjan, Timbhi Village Valsad, Dist. Gujarat. It provides professionally run secure and stable environment with residents engaging in learning programs such as vocational skills, painting, yoga, physiotherapy, gardening and devotional music in the evening which add to their spirits.

Sanjan Home is an abode o hope and selfless service from parents coupled with divine grace.

Consequently we are running a Day Care Centre for the mentally challenged students who reside in and around sanjan village and belong to the economically weaker segment o who reside in and around sanjan village and belong to the economically weaker segment of society. Sanjan Home is doing stellar work is providing them vocational guidance inculcating noble virtues of love, care, tolerance, discipline and team work. We parents are constantly trying to illuminate the lives o these adults, so that they can live in dignity.

The Home is managed by Parents itself we have no other social organization helping us.We do experience many a times financial crunch as we have to undertake numerous projects to improve the facility in the Residential Home and give them a certain standard of status.


The objective of the Sanjan Residential Home is to provide an assured home and enhance the good quality service throughout the life of the Differently Abled Person which include Autisum, Cerebral Palsy and Mental Retardation.

The Home aims to ensure the development of these adults to the fullest potential, to live as useful and productive citizens in a caring society as to live in comfort, respect and dignity.

We are trying to obtain medical care from professional doctors to visit the Residential Home on monthly basis Our long term objective is get the services o a speech therapist, physical trainer, Yoga & Music Teacher, also therapeutically aides and appliances. Our goal is to widen our coverage and appeal to the generous and socially responsible members of society.


Empathy not sympathy is our mission – change the attitude towards person with challenge because this is society’s biggest handicap.

The Differently Abled Adult has always been a silent spectator to the rapid economic strides in our country.

There is not much awareness in the society about the complex problem the adults. We want to reach out to maximum parents of mentally challenged person to share views, thoughts, ideas, programs so that a co-ordinated cohesive approach can be evolved, in the field o mental Retardation thereby setting up a uniform integrated platform.


We appeal or your whole hearted participation in this noble endeavor so that life becomes meaningful for them. We would very much like to be a beneficiary of your CSR program and feel confident you will recognize our cause to be worthy of your charity.

As a matter of interest all donations to “Dilkhush Welfare Society” are deductible under Section 80G of IT Act.